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White water rafting - The craziest water sport

White water rafting is one of the craziest outdoor water sports. Riding downstream in an inflatable rubber dinghy over ripping rivers, hitting rocks or plunging down waterfalls is pure thrill and adrenaline for many. White water rafting is not reserved for experts and professionals. There are also tours for beginners and novices - of course always guided by certified experts.

White water rafting is adrenaline: As a group, couple or individual you fight against the best that nature has to offer. It's an intense experience that welds the group together and requires teamwork. It's not all about one person, as with most action sports, whitewater rafting is all about the moments experienced together as a group. Success, fun and joy are shared in the team and weld together.

Here, our state-certified experts always act as "guides". Our guides motivate the group and at the same time provide the necessary safety. The guide is the most experienced person in white water rafting and usually has the longest paddle with which he steers the boat through the river. His job is to safely navigate the boat and give commands to the group on when to use the paddles. The group has shorter paddles than the guide, so they should work closely as a team.

In addition to the thrill, in conjunction with a whitewater rafting trip, you always have the chance and opportunity to see nature from different angles. White water rafting takes you to places and places that are inaccessible without a boat and therefore few people get to see.

White water rafting - An idea grows

This mixture of danger, unique nature, impressive landscapes and teamwork makes the attraction of white water rafting, - and this for already more than 200 years. Because as early as 1840, Lt. John Fremont and Horace H. Day came up with the idea of building rubber boats that could withstand the rocks and strong currents of rivers. The idea had already been born in 1811, but at that time the boats

were still made of wood. Over the years, this idea developed further and further. Since 1997 there is even the International Rafting Federation to make white water rafting more popular worldwide.

White water rafting is a crazy, action-packed and fun water sport for beginners and professionals. We will be happy to create a suitable offer for you.