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Bachelor party for men and women: the somewhat different experience

You are supposed to plan a bachelor party for your best friend and the task is: We don't want anything ordinary and want to experience something extraordinary? Not so easy, is it?

We at Outdoor Refugio Otto have just the thing for you. Varied, unique and unforgettable. A weekend in Tyrol, with fun and action makes every bachelor party, whether for the man or the woman, unique. Because no matter what you want to celebrate:

Ottos Refugio is the right location. Good food, barbecue possibility and a gigantic outdoor program are waiting for you.

We organize the perfect bachelor party

Let us take you to the nature of Austria on rafting or canyoning tours guided by our experts. This experience alone will make a bachelor party unforgettable for men and women. Experience a day full of action and adrenaline and forget about everyday life! For the bride and groom, this is another great opportunity to escape the wedding stress for a few hours. Likewise, this experience promotes cohesion in the group because you create shared memories.

So that you don't have to worry about anything, we offer you a barbecue at the campfire after the tour - just the right thing after a busy day. There you can review the last hours in a relaxed atmosphere and reminisce. A truly different bachelor party that everyone will surely remember with pleasure and again and again. If you still haven't had enough and want to surprise the bride/groom with another program item, come to our unique bullriding facility. As you can see, there is no limit to the fun you can have with us.

After an eventful day, when you are tired and invigorated, let yourself fall into one of our beds: we offer rooms with three to six beds, so ideal for a bachelor party. It's best to book the number of rooms you need when you make your request. The next morning we round off the bachelor party for man and woman then with a delicious and rich breakfast buffet. So they can all sit together again comfortably and let the common weekend pass in review.

Have we convinced you? Then do not hesitate and send us an inquiry. We will help you to put together the right program for the perfect bachelor party for man or woman. Here's to an unforgettable experience!