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General Terms and Conditions

Scope and travel conditions – room reservations
All reservations and services provided by Outdoor Camp Refugio Tirol in fulfilment of orders given by the customer shall be subject to these terms and conditions. Deviating from these terms and conditions and / or supplementary agreements require the express written consent of Outdoor Camp Refugio; this also applies to any waiver of the requirement of the written form. The outdoor camp Refugio, Otto Habicher reserves the right to change tours and services if these are not possible due to weather conditions e.g. high water levels. This also applies to the occupancy of the rooms.

Personal Conditions
Swimming skills for rafting and canyoning; a head for heights and surefootedness for canyoning and fixed rope routes for climbing; good physical health; basic sport fitness for rafting, rope climbing, kayaking and canyoning, mountain biking and Canadian tours.

What to bring along to the activities:
Swimwear, T-shirt, towel and sun protection.
Loose clothing - tracksuit for the bike tours

Before travelling:
Please confirm your booking at least 5 days prior to arrival, via telephone or in writing, so that we can both be assured that all booked services are in order.
In case you are unable to make the agreed meeting time for the activities, please contact us, as soon as possible, via telephone.
(+ 43 (0) 5266-88865)

For security reasons, we deny our guests WHO ARE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL participation in our programme of activities. Please think, it would be a shame not to be able to participate for this reason.

Food and Drink
It is not permitted to bring along or consume your own food and drink on the entire premises.
In case of violation, you will be asked to leave!

Travel and Cancellation Insurance
Travel or cancellation insurance is not included in the price! However, you have the possibility of travel insurance with cancellation protection through our partner -
Elvia Travel Protection Insurance.

Unused services
If the travel participant does not take individual travel services for any reason whatsoever, no refund of the travel price will be made. It is in our discretion to give vouchers for individual and lost travel services in the case of hardship (illness, accident, etc.), provided the non-utilisation is communicated in good time.
We recommend the completion of a travel cancellation insurance.
If the participant does not arrive to the activity due to being late or failure to attend, there is no claim for a refund of the travel price.

Cancellation and withdrawal by the organiser
We can withdraw from the contract or after commencement of the trip if the participant disrupts our agreement or if their behaviour is in a manner contrary to agreement, then the immediate termination of the contract is justified.
The same applies if a participant is unable to cope from misjudgement of their own abilities in performance in any of the activities. We will withdraw from the contract up to one week prior to arrival if an advertised or officially established minimum number of participants is not reached.

Termination due to unforeseen circumstances
If the trip by contract conclusion is considerably impaired, jeopardised, affected or the safety of the customer no longer guaranteed due to unforeseeable circumstances, after evaluating, we can potentially, in time re-arrange the event or suggest an equivalent replacement program, as well as, either you or we can terminate the contract.
Cancellation prior to the start of the trip for the reasons mentioned above, you will receive the pre-paid travel payment back. There is no further claim. If the reasons arise after your arrival, the travel contract after evaluation, may be in time re-arranged or provide an equivalent replacement program or both sides can cancel. If the contract is terminated, we can demand reasonable compensation for the services already provided or still to be provided up to the end of the trip.

Minimum number of participants
Through the Outdoor Camp Refugio, Otto Habicher sets the minimum number of participants that must be achieved for the individual events. If this is not achieved, the Outdoor Camp Refugio is entitled to withdraw from the contract. The customer is then returned the full amount paid in full.

Cancellation / Cancellation of Services / Non-Utilisation
The withdrawal must be made in writing by the customer before the start of the event. In case of cancellation, the whitewater rafting school, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, calculates the following percentage compensation in relation to the total price:
Up to 21 days before arrival 0%
20 to 14 days before arrival 30%
13 to 5 days before arrival 50%
Then 90% of the travel price will be due.
Rebooking and changes are possible at any time. Processing fees of a maximum €10 can apply. No compensation or reimbursement will be granted for services not used or missed by the customer (e.g. individual course days). In the case of sickness, with a medical certificate confirmed by a doctor, tours and courses can be re-arranged accordingly but no refund can be given.

Liability and liability limitations
We provide the contractually agreed travel services with the care of a respectable businessman. In all activities, the participation is at your own risk, the organiser accepts no liability or is only liable for intent or gross negligence.

Right of cancellation
You as a customer, are no longer bound to your booking in terms of § 13 German Civil Code, if you cancel within a period of 14 days following receipt of the travel confirmation. A processing fee of €25 will be deducted.

In your own interest and to avoid misunderstandings, we strongly recommend that you declare the withdrawal in writing.

Otto Habicher
Outdoor Camp Refugio
Alte Bundesstrasse 44
A-6425 Haiming
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Court of jurisdiction
Contracts with end customers, with legal entities of public law or public special asset will be the sole place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes resulting from the business relationship, including exchanges and cheques disputes. The service provider appointed is Silz Austria / Tirol.