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Canyoning in Austria

What does canyoning actually mean?

The term "canyoning" means walking through a gorge from top to bottom. It is also called "canyoning" or "gorge walking" and is done in many different ways. By rappelling, jumping, sliding, swimming and climbing down, one gets through the canyons in suitable equipment. Even diving may be required. As an adventure sport, canyoning established itself at the end of the 90s in Spain and southern France. Later, the breakthrough also took place in the Northern Alps.

Canyoning means: always follow the water. Experience thrills in the most beautiful gorges of Tyrol and experience canyoning in Austria up close. Nature from a unique and splashy side. We give you insight into this mysterious world. From us you are well equipped, so that your Canyoning in Austria experience becomes something special and unforgettable.

The sport of canyoning

In addition to the sporting appeal, canyoning in Austria is primarily about experiencing nature. Especially in Austria, due to the breathtaking mountain scenery and the most spectacular gorges, this sport can be done particularly well. Parts of nature are entered that no one else gets to see. Thus, one has a unique experience of nature and can escape from everyday life. In this sport, mastery of special rope techniques and a sound knowledge of regional weather and water conditions play an important role. Beginners should therefore never go canyoning on their own, but always with experienced guides by their side. These ensure safety with their years of experience.

Canyoning in Austria - pure adventure with our tours

We offer two spectacular canyoning tours where you will surely get your money's worth. Adrenalin and fun are guaranteed. In the Auenklamm, suitable for sporty beginners, it goes along high rock walls and raging waterfalls through the gorge for just under 4.5 hours. An experience you will not forget so quickly. A jump, if desired, from a height of 12 meters crowns the whole experience and is even for experienced canyoning professionals an overcoming. Dive with us into the nature of Austria and experience canyoning in Austria from a different side.

The Alpenrosenklamm is ideal for beginners. Through narrow gorges and past waterfalls, you will arrive at the output in Kühtai after just under two hours. Our certified and experienced guides are always at your side. Discover canyoning in Austria - with waterfalls, slides and an impressive natural spectacle. Prices and more information can be found on our website.